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Call for Art


Through generous philanthropic support, this Call for Art invites our diverse community of professional artists.


If you plan on submitting work for consideration, please do not delay. Review of existing work and letters of interest for commissioned work are being reviewed currently and will continue as an ongoing process until all art for the project is approved. Note extension if you missed the due date for Letters of Interest for commission ideas: will be accepted through September 1, 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

Completion dates for commissioned work are due by December 2021. 

Yes, all Minneapolis and surrounding area artists are eligible. The special invite to local BIPOC artists was to encourage often underrepresented artists to submit.

No, if only one work fits the criteria, send only one. Feel free to include archived images for commission consideration or to provide examples of previous work.

The themes were suggestions. If you have work that offers a positive, hopeful vibe, please submit it.  

If you have additional questions, please call Vicki directly at: 952-473-1445

Thank you for your interest.

Project: Hennepin Healthcare’s East Lake Clinic

Through generous philanthropic support, this Call for Art invites East Lake’s diverse community of professional artists*, and those local artists who feel a special connection to the area, to submit artwork for purchase consideration for this new facility being rebuilt after its burning down during the 2020 civil unrest.

A special invitation to BIPOC artists and those who reside in or near the neighborhoods of the East Lake location are encouraged to submit work.


At the epicenter of social justice protests and riots, East Lake Clinic’s surrounding neighborhoods with its diverse residents have endured much trauma and loss. Redesigning this clinic with a trauma-care model for optimal wellness and healing, it will provide improved services to patients, families and staff with strong focus on emotional support and integrative health and wellness.

Location: The new East Lake Clinic will be co-located within the new Hennepin County Human Services Center located at 2215 East Lake Street, just across Hiawatha Avenue. Completion is projected early October 2021.


Aligning with a trauma-care model, the artwork’s goals are to target the positive emotions patients say they want to feel in these spaces: To Feel Safe, Supported, Strengthened and Connected.


Given the intensity of what the community has been through and the unique ability of art to heal, transform, comfort and inspire, we seek artwork that can shine light on their needs and offer support. Art Guiding Principles:

  • Provide artwork expressing such positive emotional assets as compassion/ kindness, nurturing, hope, peace, resiliency, joy, relationships, empathy, listening, acceptance, appreciation and respect
  • Engage the community through collaborative works of content development or hands-on art-making to express and facilitate healing
  • Build community, make connections by sharing stories, and invite others to participate in the process
  • Embrace the past while expressing hope for the future – for self, our families, community, or for the world
  • Reflect the diversity and express authentic voices of East Lake Clinic’s patient population:
    • Demographics:
      Race and Ethnicity: Latinx 47%; Black 24% (includes East African); White 22%; other 7%
      Age: Under 18 years 23%; 18 to 55 years 57%; over 55 years 20+%
  • Promote wellness and healthy living through engaging art content or messaging


Artwork will be selected for public spaces, corridors, group spaces for pregnancy and community wellness initiatives, and waiting, consult, treatment and patient exam rooms. In addition to purchasing existing artwork, there will be several opportunities for commissioned paintings. Interested artists for commissioned work are invited to submit written proposals describing a community-based work reflecting the project’s Guiding Principles (page 3).

Art media considered: Two-dimensional original artwork, paintings, drawings, mixed media, photography, collage, and other works on 2D substrates; including quality limited edition and archival pigment prints. Three-dimensional sculptural and textural artwork in glass; wood, metal, ceramics, textile art, and other 3D work for wall and pedestal display, and potential ceiling art installations.

Price Range

  • Exam & Procedural Rooms: Photography, small works on paper, prints @ $200 – 300.00 (unframed)
  • Original small-medium, 2D work @ $300 – 450.00 (unframed)
  • Corridors: Medium sized, 2D work @ $450 – 650.00 (unframed); Medium-large @@ $650 – 3000.00; Large @ $3000 - 4500.00 (unframed)
  • Waiting/ Public: Signature/ commissioned 2D & 3D work- paintings, mixed media, sculpture (suitable for standard sized floor pedestal, or 10’ ceiling mount) @ $4500 – 9500.00


Recent and generous funding by the Hennepin Healthcare Foundation has allowed this art acquisition to proceed. In light of the clinic’s opening in October, we hope to locate local artists and work as soon as possible. The process begins immediately and will be on-going until the collection is complete.

August - September 16, 2021

Accepting submissions for review and selection of existing artwork
On-going review and approvals by art selection committee

August 1- August 19, 2021

On-going submissions of Letters of Interest for proposed commissioned work for committee review

August - September 16, 2021

Commissioned work approved and contracted

September 20, 2021

Existing work purchased art delivered to framer

October 1, 2021

Installation of room art and partial public spaces

October - December 2021
Commissioned work completed and installed


To Submit Existing Artwork (available for sale):

Send up to five (5) images of artwork to [email protected]

  • Format image as a JPEG, no larger than 2.0 MB per image.
  • Label each image with: <Artist’s last name.Art title> (example: Kahlo.Two Fridas)
  • Include the following information in the body of the email:
    • Artist full name
    • Contact information: phone number and email
    • Mailing Address
    • Listing of Art titles, Media, Image size, Unframed price $
      (ex: Two Fridas, oil painting on canvas, 24” x 36”, $550.00/ negotiable)
    • Your website and/or social media addresses where we can view additional work and past body of work, e.g., Instagram, Facebook
  • Attach other support materials, optional but encouraged to assist our review and evaluation process:
    • Artist Statement
    • Resume/ bio
    • Your interest in this project


Same information as above but instead, include a flash drive with the images and copies of all documents and a cover letter. Send or deliver to:
DH Art Design
Att: Vicki Hovde/ ELC
16614 Meadowbrook Lane
Wayzata, MN 55391

To Submit a Letter of Interest for Commissioned Work:

If interested in commissioned work, artists are invited to submit a Letter of Interest, along with a brief description for a proposed “concept” that would fit this project’s wish to include community-based works of art.
To demonstrate your aesthetic style and experience, use the same submission process as above to introduce yourself and work.

    • Your submission should describe how you could engage the community and facilitate its integration into the content or art-making process of your work. The consultant will follow up with a personal phone call to discuss more details once the County’s site planning is finalized. Further information will be provided as the next step.
    • A concept rendering is not required, however a simple sketch or previous similar work example to help illustrate your concept would be useful.


Hennepin Healthcare is seeking unique, inventive artwork that express timeless, life-affirming and positive themes that resonate with our East Lake community patients, visitors and staff. Aligning with Hennepin Healthcare’s overall theme Art For Life, artists are encouraged to submit work that expresses from one of these six sub-themes:

Words as Inspiration
Artwork inspired by or is an interpretation of a quote, poem, phrase or word that highlights hopeful and healing themes.

Mother Earth as Healer

  • Artwork expressing the balance and harmony found in nature.
  • Artwork illuminating the beauty, awe and wonder of the natural world, or the Earth’s transformative seasons by highlighting connectivity, renewal, restoration, and rebirth.

Keeper of the Stories

  • Artwork inspired by cultural or global histories, healing rituals, storytelling, or other generational oral traditions.
  • Artwork with historical narratives or references, especially those with local or regional origin.
  • Folk art that tells a universal, cultural or personal story.

Color My World, Together

  • Artwork showing multi-cultural, intergenerational, family-centered or community gatherings or images in familiar neighborhood places such as surrounding local parks/ lakes/ river/ falls; farmers markets; street dances and cultural festivals – any place or event we celebrate our diverse communal spirit that adds to one’s sense of belonging.
  • Tender or amusing interactions with pets or animals.
  • Artwork representing hobbies or activities that offer life enrichment experiences.
  • Artwork capturing colorful, healthy, food-based social gatherings representing diverse ethnicities.

Rhythm Connection

  • Artwork inspired by the rhythm and movement of singing, dancing, playing instruments, and all things relating to the wide world of music and the arts.
  • Artwork might include images of healthy activities that get us moving, e.g., biking, walking, water &amp; seasonal sports, gardening, and fishing.
  • Artwork exploring such concepts as nature’s influence on humans seen in biological and circadian rhythms, geo patterns, or movement of migrations.

Vision Quest, A Journey of Healing
Artwork that gives witness to or records a healing journey of self or community with potential to inspire or encourage others.


Dorsey Hovde Art Design has been contracted as the project art consultancy to assist Hennepin Healthcare and Foundation and East Lake Clinic facilitate organizational committee and community engagement, curate and recommend artists, contract/commission/ acquire artwork, and coordinate installation.


All artists will be notified about the results of their submission by email once all of the works are selected. Hennepin Healthcare reserves the right to revise this timeline, in its sole discretion and without notice.

Hennepin Healthcare is not obligated to notify artists when incomplete submissions are received. Please follow the instructions for submission carefully. Incomplete submissions will not be reviewed. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that submitted information is correct, complete and arrives by the deadline dates. Submission materials will not be returned.

Thank you for your interest in this project! It is our hope all interested artists will have the opportunity to be a part of contributing to this special project to offer their talents for healing.

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All questions concerning submitting to this Call for Art may be addressed to [email protected] with the subject: CFA – East Lake. Please submit your questions by August 8th. Answers of general interest will be amended to this CFA  by August 12th.

East Lake Clinic is a primary care clinic located on a major east-west thoroughfare in Minneapolis in the heart of a federally designated Medically Underserved Area and an essential source of community primary care.

Family Medicine for all genders and ages, Woman’s Care, Certified Midwife, Spanish Group Prenatal, Care Behavioral Health, Chronic Disease Management, Diabetes Prevention & Management, Nutritional Counseling, Dentistry, Lab Services, Language Interpreters, Community Health Workers, and Social Work Services.

East Lake Clinic is unique as the majority of staff and providers are bilingual (English-Spanish).