Improved Technology. Improved Healing. Improved Outlook on Life. 

Help us bring a Candela VBeam Laser to Hennepin Healthcare's Burn Center and enhance the healing, mobility, and confidence in patients with severe burn scars.

What are the benefits of this new burn laser? Listen to burn surgeon Dr. Jon Gayken explain in this short video, produced by our amazing community partner Firefighters for Healing.

Meet Gabe

Meet our former patient Gabe. An 18-year-old burn survivor who has needed multiple laser surgeries over the last four years. Gabe told us: “Since my burn event, I have needed several laser surgeries to increase mobility, reduce pain and release tension in my neck, arm and collar bone area. After laser surgery I am less itchy and stiff, have much better range of motion and feel more confident embracing my scars.”

Gabe For Burn Laser Appeal

You can improve the lives of over 150 patients each year.

Laser therapy offers a minimally invasive, low-risk treatment with a short recovery period. As laser technology has developed, studies show burn patients achieve:

  • Increased functional abilities and range of motion
  • Less neuropathic pain, decreased itching, and increased comfort
  • Improved appearance and less scar pigmentation (redness)
  • Softening of burn scars, decreased thickness, and fewer rash-like lesions
  • Reduced need for additional surgeries


Total Investment: $125,000

Before and After Photos of Scar Improvements from Laser Treatments

Burn Laser
Burn Scar Before
Burn Scar After

If you'd like to mail in your contribution, please send a check with Burn Laser in the memo line to: Hennepin Healthcare Foundation, 701 Park Avenue, LSB3 Minneapolis, MN 55415

Check with your employer to see if they have a matching gift program. Hennepin Healthcare Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a tax identification number of 41-0845733.