Redleaf Center for Family Healing Campaign

Hennepin Healthcare is engaged in a comprehensive campaign to raise $10 million to support the construction and programming in a brand new offering called the Redleaf Center for Family Healing.

The Redleaf Center will serve pregnant and postpartum mothers, fathers, and families with children ages 0 – 5 through multi-generational mental health and parenting support, and mind-body-spirit approaches to healing.

Supported by a $10 million gift from the Lynne & Andrew Redleaf Foundation, Hennepin Healthcare unveiled plans in 2019 for the Redleaf Center that will offer not only mental health services but also childcare and a teaching kitchen. The idea is to create a sense of community for families, particularly mothers, whose depression and anxiety can be exacerbated by isolation when they bring their babies home.

The new Redleaf Center will be located in renovated space on HCMC’s campus, across from U.S. Bank Stadium, and is scheduled to open in early 2021.

Fundraising Update

To date, we have raised $3.5 million towards our $10 million goal. We need to raise an additional $6.5 million in both programmatic and capital funds before the Redleaf Center opens in early 2021.

redleaf fundraising graphic

Why is the Redleaf Center for Family Healing important?

Babies can’t wait.

Neuroscience has shown the brains of babies and young children are shaped by everyday experiences with parents and caregivers. Shonkoff JP, Phillips DA, editors. “From Neurons to Neighborhoods: The Science of Early Childhood Development. National Research Council (US) and Institute of Medicine(US)Committee on Integrating the Science of Early Childhood Development; Washington (DC) National Academies Press (US) 2000.


Research shows that they need emotionally stable and responsive caregivers for healthy brain development. Yet many pregnant and postpartum parents (mothers and fathers) struggle with depression, mental illness, and/or substance use, which make it hard for them to provide this consistent care that child(ren) need:

  • 1 in 7 mothers suffer from postpartum depression and anxiety Postpartum Depression Affects 1 in 7 Mothers: Bipolar Rate Striking High, Study Finds.” National Alliance on Mental Illness, March 18, 2013.
  • 1 in 10 fathers suffer from postpartum depression and anxiety.

How to Give

Support families to nurture, protect, and provide long-term development for their children.

Campaign Resources

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Redleaf Website

The Redleaf Center for Family Healing is an intensive mental health program for pregnant and postpartum mothers.