Redleaf Center for Family Healing

Helping families thrive, one gift at a time

"Parenting is way too hard to do alone. We all need a village that loves us and our children as we are, wounds and all."

Dr. Helen Kim, Director of the Redleaf Center for Family Healing


Re-imagine and re-invent family care with us.  

Pregnancy and postpartum are times of great vulnerability for parents, but they can also be periods of tremendous opportunity. By providing proper care and support, we can address the root causes of toxic stress, clearing the way for a loving, hopeful future.

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Connecting through the HopeLine

A is a mother of a four young children not yet teens, and lives with them in two rooms in a shelter. She called the HopeLine seeking support for depression. She is with her children 24/7 and was therefore unable to participate in our intensive group programs. Instead, she sees one of our MB therapists and perinatal psychiatrists for video sessions.

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