Redleaf Center Services

In response to the growing needs of families - before, during and after COVID-19 - the Redleaf Center is focused on meeting the need for mental health and parenting services for all families with young children.

In response to the pandemic, clinical care quickly transitioned in-person mental health visits to phone-based visits, and then to video-visits.  It now offers a range of video group therapy as well as psychiatry visits. Between April and August over 1,200 video visits have occurred.

Current Programs Include:

Clinical Services

Providing multi-generation, trauma-informed mental health services for pregnant women and families of children ages 0-5 years old.

Redleaf Center Day Hospital –  Patients are not admitted to the hospital but instead spend time daily onsite at the Redleaf Center. Day Hospital therapy is provided in a group setting and mothers are encouraged to bring their children 12 months and under with them. Patients also have the opportunity to meet one-to-one with Redleaf therapists and psychiatrists for additional support and medication management.

Perinatal Outpatient ProgramThe term “perinatal” refers to the period during pregnancy and after a baby is born. A step-down from the Day Hospital providing 6 hours/week of onsite group therapy for pregnant women and mothers.  As with the Day Hospital, women are encouraged to bring their children 12 months and under. Most women attend the program for 8 – 12 weeks. A focus of treatment is learning skills to manage intense feelings.

Perinatal Psychiatry, Parenting, and Preconception Clinic – Provides patients with one-to-one outpatient therapy on a variety of topics.

Infant and early childhood mental health support – Mental health support for children ages 0 – 5 in a space designed for children onsite at the Redleaf Center that supports best practices in trauma- informed care.

HopeLine 612-873-HOPE (4673) – Free mental health phone support for pregnant women, mothers, fathers, and families. Mental health and medical providers are also able to utilize this resource for questions and/or patient referrals. A licensed therapist responds to calls within 24 hours and guides callers to the right support whether it is the Redleaf Center or another program in their community. This is not a crisis line.

Family Support

Depression and anxiety during and after pregnancy are the most common complications of childbirth. However, this is not just a women’s health issue, it is a family issue. Mental health approaches in other programs typically focus on treating the mother or father individually rather than seeing them in the context of a family.

Father and Partner Parent Support – Targeted mental health support for partners and fathers provided by staff who have expertise with these populations.

Infant Sleep Coaching – A specific area of support for children 12 months and under. Parents will be able to ask questions and receive coaching on a variety of sleep issues their child might be experiencing. A lack of sleep can negatively impact a person’s overall mental health, especially parents of young children.

Medical-Legal Partnership – Will provide free onsite legal counsel to assist parents in addressing barriers that might be negatively impacting their mental health.

Mother Sanctuary – Sometimes the most therapeutic care a mother can receive is a few hours of uninterrupted sleep and/or a hot shower. The Mother Sanctuary provides these opportunities onsite for mothers. Staff are available to watch children 12 months and under, if they are accompanying their mothers to clinic.

Kitchen Table

Helping families tap into the power of food. This program will provide a gathering place for pregnant mothers, fathers, and families to cook, share meals, and understand how food can bring them together.

Elements of the Kitchen Table

Family Resiliency - Provide a gathering space for children and families to create bonding experiences centered around food.

Food Therapies and Practices - Promote health and healing by incorporating culturally relevant food choices that nourish the body, mind and spirit.

Healthy Cooking and Living Classes – Teach preparation techniques and cooking skills to help families create meals that are low cost, nutritious and culturally relevant.

Partnerships and Alliances - Work with community-based food justice programs to support the health and well-being of pregnant and postpartum women, fathers, partners, children and families, increasing access to healthy food.

Valuable Research - Give students, residents, physicians and other providers the opportunity to work with families and conduct evidence-based research to further our understanding of the link between food and health.

Integrative Services

Focusing on self-care and mind, body, spirit practices that are culturally meaningful.

  • Yoga and meditation classes for perinatal women, children, and families.
  • A Healing Arts Program incorporating storytelling and other healing arts in the treatment and ongoing support of patients and their families.

Connects a network of partners from within the Hennepin Healthcare System and the surrounding community to develop models of trauma-informed, multi-generation care. The goal is to share knowledge and expand support to reach more families and children.

For example a collaboration with Pediatrics provides an option for parents to access mental health support from within the Pediatric Clinic following a child's well-check or other pediatric appointment.

Training and Research

Offering training opportunities for medical and nursing students, residents, and other mental health trainees.

Partnering with other community-based support services to significantly remodel approaches to child and family well-being.

Women's Health & Wellness

Because mental health and physical health are so intertwined, the Redleaf Center will provide direct access for pregnant women and mothers to Hennepin Healthcare services that support women’s health and wellness during and after pregnancy.

Doula Care – Pregnant women receiving care at the Redleaf Center will have access to doula care at Hennepin Healthcare. Doula care has been shown to enhance clinical outcomes during pregnancy and birth, especially in communities of color.

Pelvic Floor Therapy Education – Provides prenatal and postpartum women with a series of education videos and exercises to support their pelvic floor health during and after pregnancy.

Lactation Support – Hennepin Healthcare lactation consults will be able to provide services to postpartum mothers onsite at the Redleaf Center.