Stories of Inspiration

Follow stories of three moms as they share their stories of struggle and hope.

Patient Experience: Virtual Day Hospital - Suicidal Thoughts

R is a mother of four children ranging from toddler to teen. She works as a nurse’s aide and developed overwhelming depression and suicidal thoughts. Since the COVID social distancing restrictions she has had to be home to support her children who moved to on-line schooling in the spring and also were home all summer. Her mother had been her main support for childcare but she works as a nurse, and has not been to visit their home because of COVID restrictions. R is fearful of COVID and also terrified of her neighbors. R’s family is the only African American family on her block. Her next door neighbors hung a hostile racial symbol outside of their house. They also let their dog go unleashed and did nothing to stop the dog from jumping on R’s children, who are all terrified of the dog and the neighbors. R has owned her home for nine years, so not inclined to move. They have been housebound for the past five months.

She graduated from our video Day Hospital (20 hours per week) and then transitioned to our video Perinatal Outpatient Program (6 hours per week). Without the video access to mental health support, she said she would never have sought out mental health and parenting support. She also said the regular connection with other moms has helped tremendously in knowing that she’s not alone. She continues to struggle with depression though no longer feels like ending her life.

Stories of Support

Why We Give

I have first-hand experience with being a patient at HCMC. I delivered both of my children at HCMC and had medical complications with both pregnancies, which led me to be hospitalized after giving birth. HCMC is an asset to our community. It provides outstanding care, from the doctors and nurses, to the doulas, and lactation consultants. It is a hospital for everyone.

We give to the Mother-Baby Program because research suggests, and we believe, that helping parents be better parents, is essential in the neurological development of children. We feel that investing in the prevention of problems in children is where we want to put our philanthropic dollars. Also, we like that HCMC is a teaching and training facility. It is our hope that residents will experience the program, and take that knowledge to other hospitals and clinics.

Lynne and Andrew Redleaf, Business Owners & Philanthropists

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Why I Give

When I founded the Hennepin Healthcare Young Professionals Group (YPG) in the Summer of 2016, I wanted to gather a group of energetic, dedicated and diverse individuals who could evolve and grow in their support of Hennepin Healthcare. I saw how passionate, brilliant and kind every single employee was who contributed to a "Hennepin Energy" that I haven't found anywhere else.

I give to Hennepin Healthcare because without the services provided by the Hospital, thousands upon thousands of our neighbors and community members would otherwise not have access to high quality healthcare. This makes Hennepin Healthcare a pillar of strength for our Hennepin County community and honestly the entire State of Minnesota.

I am proud of what I started with the YPG. In my new role on the Foundation Board, I look forward to working with another incredible group of people to support the mission of Hennepin Healthcare - and specifically the Redleaf Center for Family Healing project.

That is why I give.
Brooke Moss, PA-C