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The Kitchen Table

The mission of the Redleaf Center for Family Healing is to save and improve lives.

The Redleaf Center will serve pregnant and postpartum mothers, fathers, and families through multi-generational mental health and parenting support, and mind-body-spirit approaches to healing. They aim to help families thrive by supporting the well-being of adult caregivers while also expanding their capacity to nurture, protect, and delight in young children in ways that support long-term development.

The Kitchen Table will provide relationship-centered care within the Redleaf Center for Family Healing and serve as a gathering place to cook, share meals, and create lasting change through the power of food.

Promoting family resiliency by providing a communal gathering space for children and families to explore their relationship with food and to create family bonding experiences and rituals that heal, restore, and promote generational health.

Complementary food therapies and practices will be available and provide whole-person, relational care that will promote health and healing. Patients and practitioner(s) will work together to maximize wellness by incorporating culturally relevant food choices that nourish the mind, body, and spirit.

Healthy Cooking/living classes will provide hands-on food preparation and cooking skills. Participants will be exposed to a variety of healthy low cost, nutritious, culturally relevant food choices.

Building partnerships and alliances with community-based food justice programs that support the health and well-being of pregnant and postpartum women, fathers, partners, children, and families by providing access to preventative food pantries and access to nutritious, low-cost food options.

Participatory and evidenced-based research will be conducted and students, residents, physicians, and other providers will have the opportunity to partner with patients, families and their children to share, learn, and teach nutrition together through evidence-based and evidence-informed prevention and health modalities and strategies.


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The Redleaf Center for Family Healing is an intensive mental health program for pregnant and postpartum mothers.