Hennepin Healthcare Foundation Young Professionals

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About the Young Professionals

Established in 2016, our group provides social and educational opportunities for our members to gain experience in not-for-profit fundraising, hospital administration, and community engagement. We host events throughout the year to raise funds and awareness, have fun, and support the mission of Hennepin Healthcare!

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the Young Professionals group continues to support initiatives at Hennepin Healthcare through personal means, but has paused meetings until mid-2022. Guided by a common purpose to elevate the reputation and knowledge of the organization, we welcome new members interested in understanding this community treasure and elevating the impact the Young Professionals can have in the future.

Prospective and Current Members

Prospective and Current Members

  • Emerging and established community and business leaders
  • Entrepreneurs, innovators, and influencers
  • Like-minded, socially connected professionals
  • Next-generation of philanthropic families
Engagement Opportunities

Engagement Opportunities

As a member of the Young Professionals, you will have the opportunity to engage and support Hennepin Healthcare in the following ways:

  • Organize social and fundraising events
  • Support clinical growth through community awareness of health system programs
  • Network with young professionals, hospital and board leaders
Membership Responsibilities

Membership Responsibilities

As a member, your responsibilities are:

  • Engage your personal and professional networks to support Hennepin Healthcare
  • Attend quarterly gatherings
  • Individual financial contributions may come in the form of event registrations fees, in-kind donations, attracting sponsors and discounted professional services or directed donations to programs.

Over the years we have focused our efforts on different Hennepin Healthcare programs including the Redleaf Center for Family Healing, Child Life Program, Immediate Food Support Program, and Emergency Clothing Closet.

Interested in helping share this group in 2022?

Contact us at [email protected]