What Generosity Does for Health Care Homes

Health Care Homes is a service in Hennepin Healthcare primary clinics that provides team-based, coordinated care to patients. Our Health Care Home teams include social workers, community health workers, and nurse clinical coordinators who work with providers and clinical staff to address barriers patients have to accessing health care and achieving better health. Many of these barriers are social determinants of health—factors in a person’s life that are non-medical that influence health outcomes. Some examples of social determinants include income, housing status, employment, and what neighborhood a person lives in, among others. Patients may not show up to needed clinical appointments due to lack of transportation, inability to pay copays, or an inability to take time off of work. They may not take needed medications to manage their conditions because they are homeless and lack a safe, consistent place to store them.

The Health Care Homes Fund was set up to help provide patients with a needed resource to overcome some of these barriers. Some examples of needs that have been funded in the past include the assistance of contribution towards a month’s rent wound care supplies, and access to home-based nursing care not otherwise covered by insurance.

In addition to paying for patient needs, the Health Care Homes Fund can also be used to support professional development opportunities for Community Health Workers. This allows the team to share and learn from the Community Health Worker's (CHW) best practices at local and national conference that improve the service delivery to Health Care Home patients. This opportunity is specific to CHWs, given more limited professional CEUs and professional practice dollars available to CHWs compared to other health professions.