Generosity Provides a Healing Touch to Hospice Patients

About Massage Therapy for Hospice Patients

Massage therapy for people in hospice can be an opportunity to provide a caring touch and human connection. Most of those we serve, when asked if they have ever received a massage before, say “nope.” Many of the people we serve are older and are not familiar with the idea of relaxation as a health benefit. We also see many people who have been homeless or lived in poverty and never had access to these therapeutic benefits, because our society often sees massage as a luxury treatment.

Everyone deserves warm, compassionate human contact, and it’s the most beautiful feeling to be allowed to provide this service to our patients. Massage therapy can provide a sense of being seen, heard, felt, and genuinely cared for, and provides a healing touch to patients who may have never felt the healing properties of touch, especially during a profound moment in time.

This beneficial treatment is completely funded by the generosity of donors. By making a gift today you ensure that we will be able to continue providing this important therapy to hospice patients for years to come.


Benefits of Massage Therapy for Hospice Patients

  • Increases comfort & relaxation
  • Decreases anxiety, agitation, pain, & discomfort
  • Aids in restful sleep
  • Increases a feeling of overall well-being