Generosity Supports the Most Urgent Needs of Female Patients

About the Women's Assistance Fund

Often patients come to our hospitals and clinics with non-medical needs that cannot be met through their insurance provider. They may also have limited financial or community resources to help provide support. The Women’s Assistance Fund was established to assist female patients with urgent needs that may be preventing them from living healthy lives or accessing appropriate care. This fund has been used to fund items ranging from wound supplies to a new double stroller to transport two young children with disabilities.

Please consider donating to the Women’s Assistance Fund and provide support to female patients with urgent needs. Your donation will help improve health access and outcomes of female patients and their families who are receiving care at Hennepin Healthcare.


Maria was experiencing worsening incontinence that required her to use adult diapers at all times. These supplies were not covered by her insurance and she was not eligible for any other benefit programs. Her family was doing their best to buy these supplies out of their pocket but it was a big financial strain on their limited incomes. The team member working with the family submitted a request for funds on behalf of the patient, and, with these funds, the patient was able to receive incontinence supplies while her family looked for other long-term resources. Maria expressed gratitude that she was able to receive this support from Hennepin Healthcare and shared how much of a difference it made for her family.