The New Prescriptions Band

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After discovering their mutual appreciation for James Taylor and Carole King tunes, HC/MC Band members Mark Linzer and Jenny Kelley formed The New Prescriptions in 2012 to support Music with a Mission.

Type of music played

Soft pop, folk, blues and jazz from the 60’s to today’s contemporary alternative folk/rock hits.

Founders Mark Linzer and Jenny Kelley attract a rotating group of performers that include:

  • Maddie Calhoun—Vocals
  • Dominic Cudd—Vocals and horn
  • Tom Klemond—Guitar and vocals
  • Xenia McGuire—Bass and vocals
  • Rick Riddle—Harmonica
  • Dean Tsukayama—Guitar and vocals
  • Karin Vaccaro—Guitar and vocals
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No scheduled performances this month.