Family Medicine Residency Testimonials

The Family Medicine program offers the chance to work with a very diverse, urban, underserved population that is a major part of the community in Whittier neighborhood, where it is based. This was key for me when I was searching for residency programs. - P.M.

I chose HCMC because I knew I would be able to truly care for patients with a variety of conditions including acute trauma and serious illness; with most residents spending most of their time at HCMC there is an unusual level of support amongst residents of different specialties. I have been precepting at the HCMC Family Medicine Residency since 1984. - T.B.

I fell in love with HCMC during my rotations and it was the best place to serve underserved populations in MN. Both residents and staff were encouraged to follow their passions and I could see that play out in practice. When I wanted to design a rotation that would allow me to work with direct entry midwives the answer was not, "We've never done *that* before..." it was outright enthusiasm and "We can make that your community medicine elective! Let's start planning it!" Docs at HCMC are passionate about teaching and serving everyone the best they can, and that is why they chose HCMC. I wanted to learn from those passionate, inspiring people. - R.R.

HCMC was exactly the medical center I wanted to start my residency training due to its distinguished reputation, patient outcomes, patient safety, diverse patient population, and quality of care. I wanted to be a part of a medical center that consistently strives to put patients first, above all else. It is exciting to work with great faculty who foster the medical center’s mission and strive to bring HCMC to the next level as a trauma center. My vision undoubtedly aligned with that of HCMC’s and hence, the choice was easy. - S.B.

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