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Integrative Health

The Person-Centered and Culturally-Inspired Division for Integrative Health and Wellness (PCCI-IH) is a network of providers throughout Hennepin Healthcare dedicated to an integrative, whole-person model of healthcare where both conventional and complementary approaches to health and wellbeing are taught, honored, and practiced. The PCCI-IH Division is dedicated to partnering with patients, students, and the broader community to address the full range of physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual, structural, and environmental influences that affect a person's health for improved wellbeing for everyone.

Mission Statement

The Person-Centered and Culturally-Inspired Division of Integrative Health at Hennepin Healthcare is grounded in a multi-disciplinary team dedicated to partnering with our patients, our community, and each other to plant the seeds of curiosity through research and teaching, nurture healing, uncover root causes of illness, and offer whole-person, customized care to cultivate well-being for everyone.

Vision Statement

As a national model of integrative healthcare delivery, we envision a community of healing and wellness, bringing multi-disciplinary, whole-person care to the historically underserved of our community, creating a thriving, diverse, and equitable world.

Core Values

Diversity - Honoring the uniqueness of each patient, our community, and each other

Equity - Everyone deserves access to healthcare that is integrative and dedicated to whole-person wellbeing

Relationship-Centered Care - Deep respect for the relationship between the patient and the provider with the awareness that healing begins with compassionate, authentic listening

Collaboration - An inter-disciplinary and creative approach to patient care with inclusion of traditional cultural healing practices and wisdom

Whole-Person Care - Addressing prevention, optimal health, and the innate healing power within all of us through the full range of conventional and complementary healing modalities, inspiring hope that suffering can be alleviated and that wellbeing is possible

Stewardship - Our work is done in service to the wellbeing of our patients, our healthcare system, our community, ourselves, and the planet