The DAISY Award at Hennepin Healthcare

Rewarding Excellence in Nursing

What is the DAISY Award?

The DAISY Award is an international program that rewards excellence in nursing. It was created by the DAISY Foundation to recognize the clinical skills, extraordinary compassion and care exhibited by nurses every day. The award is given to outstanding licensed nursing professionals in more than 2,600 healthcare facilities, in all 50 states, and in 15 countries.

DAISY Award recipients personify Hennepin Healthcare’s remarkable patient experience. These individuals consistently demonstrate excellence through clinical expertise, extraordinary service, and compassionate care and are recognized as outstanding role models in the nursing community.

How do I nominate a nurse?

Patients, visitors, employees, and/or physicians may nominate a deserving nurse by completing the nomination form below the current nominees.

Hennepin Healthcare DAISY Honorees


June | Dixie Lindsey 

May | Jenna Frost 

April | Mary Soligny

March | Nancy Gehrenbeck-Miller

February | Hanna Gulden

January | Robert Moxley-Goldsmith 


December| Kathleen Ahmann

November | Nhia Vang

October | John Leppla

September | Michele Anderson

August | Colin Western

July | Darla Groshens

June | Patricia Dreher

May | Kimberly Schneider

April | Irene Tuschner

March | Jessica Shapiro

February | Karen Colby

January | Valerie Martenson


Stroke Team Leaders | 2020

December | Susan Meagher

November | Nicole Krummel

October | Meghan Hofer

September | Connie Buerkle

August | Amy Love

July | Stephanie Hoffman

June | Molly Blum

May | Kathryn Piha 

April | Margaret Von Lehe

March | Barbara Fabian

February | Wendee Christensen

January | Donna Nelson